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Sermon Downloads

Sermons - most contain the sermon slides and videos of the sermons as well as audio

Dave Bruce
Description: Be my Spirit
Heather Williamson
Description: Pricilla and Aquila: Faith at work
Caroline Smith
Description: Lois and Eunice: Foundations in the home
David Ritchie
Description: Eliezer: Praying for guidance
Jon and Elise Fletcher
Description: Jon and Elise Fletcher - Urban Neighbours of Hope - Thailand
Jon Fletcher
Description: New Mission Partners
Heather Williamson
Description: Josiah: Rediscovering God’s Word
Peter Myres
Description: Barnabas: The Encourager
Description: Esther: 'For such a time as this'
Judith Keene
Description: Paul and Silas: Jailhouse Rock
Peter and Steve
Description: Testimonies from Peter and Steve
Dave Bruce
Description: Gideon: Strength in Weakness
Barry Austin
Description: Responding to God's nvitation
Pauline Jacob
Description: SEMINARS AT ST ANDREW’S THIS WEEK at 10.45am
James Williams
Description: False gods
Dave Bruce
Description: Vision, Pardon & Commission
Derham Cook
Description: The incomparable God
Dave Bruce
Description: Deeper Sermon - Being a people of the presence
Dave Bruce
Description: Vision Sunday for 10:45 Service
Dave Bruce
Description: Vision Sunday for 09:00 service
Description: Seminar Sunday
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