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Malvern Hills Food Bank

Malvern Hills Food Bank

We support the Malvern Hills foodbank (click here for further information). Malvern Hills foodbank provides emergency food parcels for people experiencing a temporary financial crisis.  Typically foodbank recipients do not receive more than a couple of food parcels as they are counsellend signposted to address their underlying issues. The foodbank works on a VOUCHER REFERRAL system. 

We have a non-perishable food collection point (container) in the Foyer of our Church into which contributions can be placed at any time. Alternatively, regular financial contributions can be made to Malvern Hills foodbank - please see the leaflets in Church.

Malvern Hills Food Bank currently needs: Coffee, jam, squash, tinned spaghetti, tinned meat (pies, stewing steak, chicken, ham) & treats, washing powder, men’s shower gel.

Thank you for generous recent contributions and for your continuing support of the foodbank and so helping local people in crisis.