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A Prophetic Word

A new kind of Well

A prophetic word given by Rich Johnson 5th February 2017
at the Joint Service at St Andrew’s

Service details and good video and audio recordings are available by clicking here.

 “I don’t know much about the geography of the place but I know enough to know that Malvern is famous for its spa historically. And there are lots of wells aren’t there? And I just wonder whether God is calling this team of churches to become a ‘new kind of well’, or to rediscover in a deeper way what it is to be a well of the presence of God in this community - to be the kind of community in, and then through, which streams of living water flow. And for you to be confident afresh, that you offer out the water of life, that that is better than any other water – better that you can get from any other spa or any other well. And to trust that as you, as a community, press into the presence of God, and trust in the power of God, that through you, the presence of God will leak all around you; that people will experience what the woman at the well experienced, which is a kingdom that includes the excluded, that forgives the unforgivable, washes clean the dirty, and gives life to the hungry and the thirsty.

And I’m sure that is your heart, but I just sense that you are in a new season, that there has been a time of breakthrough, and as you have been doing this, God is saying some of these things to you now, and the question is simply this… ‘Will you let it be true for you first?’ Because if it is true for you, it will be true for everyone else. Because what is in you, wants out! So the more that is in you, the more that can go through you….”