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Nick and Helen Russell

Who they are
Nick and Helen are a British couple with a young family who work in the East End of London with the Church Army

Where they work
For 12 years Nick and Helen have worked on the Ferrier Estate in Greenwich, in the worst 3% for child deprivation in the country.  All residents but about 300 households from the estate have been moved away and re-housed to make way for a major private housing redevelopment scheme.  Many people have suffered as a result of the re-housing and break-up of communities.  Nick played a major part in mediating on their behalf. Nick and his team are now continuing their work on other deprived estates: the nearby Page estate (in Eltham) and Kidbrooke estate, and Middle Park and Progress estates. They have had to find new premises and staff and are working hard, focusing on the most needy children and young people through their charity Superkidz, including young offenders and girls at risk of sexual exploitation, while developing work with vulnerable adults. Nick also manages two other Church Army officers, one working nearby on the Horn Park estate and Kidbrooke Village and one running youth work and setting up youth church in a deprived area in the North East of the borough of Greenwich.

What they do
Nick heads up the Church Army and Superkidz teams which seek to reach a wide sector of the community with the love of God, befriending, teaching and supporting in practical ways:

Children and Youth work:
Superkidz: 3 children’s clubs, 2 youth clubs plus mentoring. 
XLP Bus: a mobile ‘youth club’ provided by XLP (an organisation working with disadvantaged youth). For further details on XLP, please click here.

Young Offenders:
Prison visits
Transform Group and Individual Mentoring (including support for young offenders)

Training opportunities:
Helping to find training and employment for the vulnerable/ex-offenders.

Coffee Stop/Friendship Church
Community (many vulnerable adults some with criminal, drug and alcohol issues)
Friendship Church

The impact of their work:

  • Nick and his team reach all levels of the community, working with the local authority and a range of support agencies as well as Christian organisations to share the gospel in relevant ways and to bring a better quality of life to the residents in this area of London.
  • Children and youth are being given hope through Christian love, teaching and mentoring.
  • Vulnerable adults are supported in their struggles with care, counselling and practical help.
  • Young offenders and adults involved in gangs and crime are shown an alternative Way. All this can only take place in an environment of loving care, patience, prayer and hard work.

Further information about Nick and Helen Russell and the work of the Church Army in Greenwich is available on their website - to access please click here. Alternatively watch Nick explain what he does through a great video on Facebook by clicking here (however this is now rather old).