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LICC Session 2

22nd October 2017 - Session 2 - Culture-change for a frontline focus at St Andrew's MEC lead by Stefan McNally from LICC and Dave Bruce (Rector, St Andrew's & All Saints). The overall handout notes for the evening is available to download as PDF file by clicking here.

The evening was divided into a number of sessions. Each session started with a talk (you can download and listen to an audio recording or view the good quality video of each as indicated in the table below) and finishing with a discussion topic
(carried out on tables by groups from individual churches). The last session finished with a prayer for Malvern that you can download. You can also download the main PowerPoint used through the talks.

[Unfortunately we don't have copies of the videos that Stefan used, but the ones used by Dave Bruce are edited into the video recordings.] 

The following additional handouts are available to download as PDF files:


Session               Audio                                        Video

   1                         Click Here                      

Give thanks to God for his presence with you during the week                 

   2                         Click Here                     

Which area of church life would it be most easy to introduce a frontline focus into?

   3                         Click Here                       

What communications channels do you have?
What steps could you take to make them more Frontline focused?

   4                         Click Here                     

What are the main complaints within your church community?
Do they give any indication as to what the ‘deal’/ ‘central contract’ is at your church? 

   5                         Click Here                     

How might you draw together a core team in your church?

   6                        Click Here                      

 Click here to download in a new tab the PowerPoint used as as a PDF handout.

 Click here to download in a new tab the closing prayer for Malvern as a PDF file.