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Future Foundations

Future Foundations is a 5 year plan for securing the future of our community Church Centre and it's grounds. To download the PDF brochure on this important initiative, please click here

In August 2015 we started on the first and largest project - to re-roof the Church (Nave, Chancel and counting house) and the work continued until November when it was successfully completed. This project has made a considerable difference to the church (adding insulation for the first time) and was in a good time as the roof battens were just starting to fail. 

In early 2017 we replaced  the unreliable boilers, associated pipework and control systems in the kitchen that heat the church and hall. This necessitated some work in the kitchen. However the results have been considerable, with much better heat and control in both the church and hall.

Every year we mainatin the current car park by top dressing it with stone that provides a good interim solution that keeps it safe to use.

We still have a lot more to do including:

  • Refurbishing the kitchen.
  • Addressing the issues with the hall floor (the wooden strips keep lifting).
  • Sporting out the counting house (where the organ used to me) and making it a usable space.
  • Addressing the underlying issues in the car so that it is stable and does not require contact top dressing.
  • Updating the rather old technical equipment throughout the church centre (inc the church).

If you can help, please contact