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Church Centre

St Andrew's Church Centre consists of:

  • The main Church
  • The Church Hall
  • Six Meeting Rooms of various sizes

all easily accessible from a central corridor and supported by common facilities including toilets, refreshment points, tables, chairs, etc. The Church Hall and Meetings Rooms are used throughout the week as a community facility.

If you would like to consider booking a room, please contact our Caretaker Doug Meadows 01684 311195 or e-mail him at Note: Doug does not look after bookings by the church. All bookings are subject to our standarad conditions of hire - click here to download a PDF copy.

The current schedule of bookings for the Church Centre can viewed on-line by clicking here.

The Church Centre is very accessible by all - for a summary PDF document, please click here.

All users are asked to please park responsibly. Our recommended car parking can be downloaded (PDF) by clicking here.